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My Journey

  My name is Alley Berry, owner and operator of Workin On Sumn LLC.  I’m a working mom living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My weight  loss journey started in March of 2016 with a weigh in of 292 pounds. I  lost 100 pounds naturally in the course of 12 months.Since then I’m down a total of 120 pounds. I made small  changes in my diet and increased my almost non existent activity levels.  This alone made all the difference. I had never really tried to lose  weight before. I always thought it would be nice to lose a few pounds,  but never in a million years did I dream I would lose as much weight as I  did! People ask me all the time,  "What made you want to lose so much  weight?". There honestly wasn't just one answer to that question.  I was  going through an emotional break up, and come on ladies, we all want  that "Revenge Body" lol. I was tired of being fat, hot, sweaty, and  making miracles just to put a cute outfit together. I wanted something  new and different for myself, something better. I started with a goal of  losing 25 pounds and ended up dropping 40 pounds within the first 2  months! I tracked my journey on social media and gained a huge audience  of followers. As I continued on my journey, I became certified in Fitness Nutrition and began to coach quite a  few ladies and gentlemen whom collectively lost hundreds of pounds! By  using my pwrsonal experience, tips, motivation and recipes, you can get results  too! I live for giving and receiving motivation. I know how hard it is  to try to lose weight and still live a fulfilled life at the same time,  especially with no help. Well I've been there before and I am here to  tell you it is possible! It's all about finding that balance and making  sure the good outweighs the bad. The question is........ HOW BAD DO YOU  WANT IT? 


 I've really become addicted to the healthy lifestyle because I am  enjoying the many  perks of my weight loss. Shopping for clothes is a  whole new experience. I was wearing a size 22 when I first started and I  am currently a size 12/13. I haven't been a size 12/13 since I was  about 10 or 11 years old! I am now able to walk up flights of stairs  without gasping for breath and I don't sweat all the time because I'm  just plain old hot. My biggest accomplishment is that my energy level is  through the roof, which allows me to keep up with my overly active son  and I honestly have never felt better. 


 When I started my weight loss journey, I had no idea what I was doing,  what my goal was, or even how to get started. What I did know was I  wanted to be healthier, look better, and feel better about myself. Every  time I went to the gym I tagged myself in a photo or video on Facebook  and said  "I'm Workin on Somethin!" . What that something was I had no  idea. All I knew was I had to keep going, keep losing weight, and keep  finding new reasons to stay motivated. I've learned over the past year  that gym buddies come and go, work out groups come to an end, and  potlucks are inevitable. You have to dig deep and find your reason. No  one can lose the weight for you, but I am here to help you. I am here to  motivate you, push you, direct you, and most importantly believe in  you. Do something for yourself today that you thank yourself for 3 months from now. Get Started Today!


30 Day Meal Plan

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Lose 10-20 pounds naturally, with this step by step 30 day meal plan. I took the boredom out of a traditional meal plan by creating healthy food that tastes good and promotes weight loss. All the meals included, I used and created  throughout my journey. In this plan, there are over 10 tasty recipes with cooking instructions the whole family will love. An inexpensive grocery list and over 15 healthy snack options, sweet cheat treats, smoothies, and water detoxes included.  Also, a section full of tips you'll need for the month. 

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I respond to all messages.Most info can be found within the site, make sure to check the different pages. If you're just starting your journey, start with the 7 Day Challenge with no cheats.  πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’¦